Yoga Classes with: 
Freya Thomas

Every Wednesday 7pm - 8pm

All abilities are welcome to City Bloc's Yoga Classes, which are tailored to build:

  • Core Strength

  • Hip Mobility

  • Traditional yoga

  • Opening hips, shoulders and chest

  • Arm and Shoulder Strength

  • Flexibility

  • Balance

  • Focus


Yoga session: £6.00 
Yoga + Climb: £12.00

CaliYoga Classes with:
Samuel Fong Brooks

Every Thursday 7pm - 8pm

All abilities are welcome at City Bloc's CaliYoga Classes.

Callisthenics and Yoga is a fusion class designed to bring you the benefits of both mobility practices. The dynamic body weight movements of Callisthenics provide explosive power and coordination, while Yoga postures encourage increased flexibility.

In uniting these two forms we hope to provide you with a unique and diverse practice that is challenging yet fun. All experience levels are welcome.


CaliYoga session: £6.00 
CaliYoga + Climb: £12.00